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Animal treatment

How animals will be treated?

Animals are our soul mates. They are very sensitive and are susceptible to their surroundings. They reflect our own topics and adopt these. I also treat your animal from a distance. The spiritual realignment is unique and rebuilds divine order. An animal treatment is also possible in acute emergencies. Please carefully observe your animal during and after the treatment.

Please send me a picture of your animal, its name and a short description of the symptoms. You may do so by email or (upon consultation) by mobile phone.

Please note: The healer is not a medical doctor nor an alternative practitioner. Spiritual healing / the spiritual realignment is no treatment in a medical sense but a spiritual procedure. The spiritual healer does not make any promises regarding a possible cure nor does he make a diagnosis. For this reason, spiritual healing does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or suspect of an illness.

Participation is voluntary.

Personal invitation:

I look forward to developing an individual concept with you. Kindly use the contact form for getting in touch with me.

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