The Spiritual Realignment

Jörg Atzor – Healer

Mögen alle Wesen glücklich sein. Mögen alle Wesen frei von Kummer und Sorgen sein. Mögen alles Wesen gesund sein.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is spiritual realignment suitable? How long does the treatment take? How long does the spiritual realignment last? I am pleased to answer all these questions here.

Spiritual realignment is suitable for…

Spiritual realignment is suitable for everyone: children, adults, seniors, pregnant women as well as sportsmen, regardless of their national or cultural origin, age and health conditions.

Does the treatment only help in case of back pain or also for other symptoms?

It may help in case of any symptoms as it grabs the symptoms at their roots. The cause is seldom visible or perceptible. It far more manifests itself in various symptoms.

From which or up to which age is spiritual realignment suitable?

It is suitable for any age! Also as precaution. I recommend it from the pregnancy up to old age.

How long does spiritual realignment last?

It is permanent! It does not need to be repeated.

How long does the treatment take?

I individually take time for everybody. We take the time we need. Please bring along plenty of time on the healing day. The introduction is held in a small group (max. 10 people). The subsequent treatment is personal and individual. The order of the treatments on the healing day is determined by order of the enquiries / confirmations sent by email. The healing day will take about 4-5 hours.

Must I believe in God in order to receive the spiritual realignment?

No! It is not necessary to believe in a superior force but it may prove helpful to believe in some God, whatever you call it. Everybody has a very individual worship experience during the spiritual realignment.

May someone accompany me on the healing day?

Companions are always welcome!

May I bring my animal along?

No. Animals are always only treated from a distance.

What is important on the healing day?

Please arrive on time (15 minutes prior to the introduction). Please be sober (no consumption of alcohol or drugs on the healing day). Please let me know before the healing day if you take psychotropics.

Is an additional treatment possible at a later date?

Subsequent treatments are possible any time.

After the spirit realignment I felt light and free from pain. But now the pain is starting again. I also have the feeling that I am slightly crooked again. What shall I do?

Spiritual realignment is durable. For this reason you cannot be crooked again!

The returning pain is due to the inner resistance against the change. Please remember what was said during the introduction on the healing day. Please make an appointment for a subsequent treatment.

What can I do after the spiritual realignment?

If you have suffered from pain for a long time you should not immediately begin with hard work or tiring activities. You should pay attention to healthy thinking and healthy nutrition. Moreover, it is helpful to live a stress-free and carefree life.

There are several possibilities for working on this. I would like to give you just a few tips and invite you to blend them into your life:

  • ​Be mindful in the way you treat yourself and others
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce stress, concentrate on the essential
  • Pay attention to a healthy nutrition

Please note: less is more! Don’t overdo it. Take small steps and make small changes in your everyday life. If you want to change too much too quickly you might overtax yourself. Go for a walk outside instead of starting to run straight away. Meditate for 2 instead of 10 minutes. Choose a wholewheat instead of a wheet roll. Fix a day or evening only for yourself once a week. Change will grow from these small things. Have confidence and take the first step! Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with these first steps !

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