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Reiki+ treatment

What is a reiki+ treatment?

This form of energetic work combines reiki (universal vital energy) with the strong power of transformation and healing within the scope of the spiritual  realignment. Blocks are loosened and the vital energy can freely flow again. Mental, emotional or physical problems may heal by virtue of the universal intelligence and the light energy. In addition, the self-healing powers are activated.

People with pains of all kinds, such as back aches, may be helped this way.

This treatment is suitable both for people who have already been spiritually realigned and those who have not yet been treated by the spiritual realignment.

Clients say that their pain has been reduced or vanished. They experience a pleasant lightness within their whole body and a asnewly acquired vitality.

What is a healing card?

A healing card supports the healing process on all levels. It may be kept in your pocket or under your pillow.

Healing cards may refer to different topics (e.g. fears, psychoses, depressions, phobias, addictions, poor sleep, lack of confidence, lack of vitality, etc.) or to physical symptoms (stiff neck, headaches, migraine, etc.).

If a couple has the wish to have children, I recommend a healing card for both the woman and the man.

A light panel is able to convert radioactive or polluted food. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Your card is individually programmed with healing and light information by me fitting your requirements and needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if something is not clear. I shall be glad to explain anything.

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