Remote treatment

What is Remote treatment?

Upon consultation, subsequent treatments as well as initial treatments (exceptionally only) may also be carried out as remote treatments. It depends on your needs and requirements when the subsequent treatment is to be done. It is very individual and varies from person to person.

Please bear in mind that the spiritual realignment® enfolds its effect even after months. The first treatment is to be seen as an impulse for the self-healing powers.

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Remote treatments take place upon consultation mainly in the afternoon or evening.

Please note: The healer is not a medical doctor nor an alternative practitioner. Spiritual healing / the spiritual realignment is no treatment in a medical sense but a spiritual procedure. The spiritual healer does not make any promises regarding a possible cure nor does he make a diagnosis. For this reason, spiritual healing does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or suspect of an illness.

Participation is voluntary.

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