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The spiritual realignment®

What is The spiritual realignment®?

The spiritual alignment is the completion of the divine order which has become true both for humans and animals since 1989 through its creator and initiator PJOTR ELKUNOVIZ and his wife CHARLENE ELKUNOVIZ. As light-healer, educated by Pjotr and Charlene, I act in accordance to the spiritual alignment thus also fulfilling the divine plan.

Many people suffer from an evolutionary inclination of their body, such as shoulders of a different height, shifted shoulder blades, a spine that is curved or twisted in itself, pelvic obliquity or legs of a different length. All of this causes back, hip or knee pain, problems with the neck or back muscles, cardiac insufficiency, digestion problems, kidney diseases etc.

However, these are only the externally visible symptoms. A pelvic obliquity which shows in the right or left leg being shorter or longer often also shows in mental or emotional blocks.

The spiritual realignment dissolves negative patterns of behaviour and mindsets. People suffering from depressions or circulatory problems may regain hope.

All organs, meridians and control centres are attached to our spine. It is the humans’ life column in which all information, also prenatal one, is stored.

The spiritual realignment ® is a healing aid for all kinds of topics and an initiator for a powerful regeneration and self-healing process.

In one short moment of conscious energy transmission the pelvic obliquity is cured without touching the body. The removal of this shift in the body is the right way for healing the entire body, mind and soul. The erected mind helps realigning the spine and initiates self-healing processes on all levels. Many treated people immediately experience relaxation for their body and mind.

The spiritual realignment may even help people showing different physical and psychological symptoms who have completely been treated on the basis of conventional medicine…

The spiritual realignment is a one-time-only treatment, i.e. it is not repeated because a single performance is is sufficient. It is followed by a further treatment in order to dissolve still existing tension in the hemispheres and to reduce pressure caused by thoughts. This is done by laying on of hands on different parts of the body, as the head, thus leading to an alignment of the hemispheres. People experience a deep relaxation and easing on a mental, spiritual and physical level.

After a successful treatment, the result of the spiritual alignment, which is absolutely individual, is immediately visible.

The moment in which the spiritual alignment takes place is a moment in which we recognise the divine in our senses. By means of the spiritual alignment everybody can become what they really are – spiritual, complete and healthy.

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