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Jörg’s work is clear demonstration on how the body, mind and spirit are interconnected, as he effected immediately quantifiable physical hip-spinal adjustment on me entirely hands-free! I had expected my misalignment issue to be a permanent inconvenience, I will always be grateful to be have been exposed to this mystical and fascinating methodology!  Jörg is personable, authentic and credible, he is also clearly passionate about this work and his wish to share its benefits is very apparent.

Andy Chan, Singapore

I experienced Spiritual Realignment like a gentle breeze rolled together with a strong pillar of golden light ~ subtle & yet powerful ~ it goes deep beyond mind comprehension.

I have no apparent physical issues & so the effects came subtly but at the same time, very obviously to me.  Right after the session, I was in a ‘no-mind’ state. Subsequently, I felt the alignment of my life force energies, an opening of the heart, feeling more connected to all around and an underlying sense of quiet confidence.  A letting go of fears & a strengthening of my intuition too. On top of that, I was also pleasantly surprised by the big improvement in my relationship with my father.

I became more conscious of how much food I actually needed for my body and also felt an improvement in my digestion.  My usual eye bags and dark circles were reduced very considerably too.

I became aware of the fact that if I slip into the ‘old’ un-useful ways of being, my body became sensitive to it & ‘tells’ me via the physical pain body.

Spiritual Realignment is for all beginners & advance students of life, who are open to the mystery it offers.  Jorg is a beautiful conduit ~ I feel his purity & sincerity of spirit as well as his strength. He is truly one of God’s angels.  Jorg, may you continue to be blessed ~ to soar high & dive deep to serve all who need.

Dipa Ein Siak, Singapore | Founder, The Visionary ART Workshop Singapore

Jorg’s sessions are unique and transformational.  My session with him gave me noticeable improvement with my physical mobility immediately but I have also noticed gradual improvement in the weeks following.  He is a gifted healer. Importantly for me, he gave me a renewed sense of hope that anything is possible in the realms of healing at any age.

Michele Roberts, Energy Intuitive Reader & Healing Specialist, UK

Before the session of Spiritual Realignment with Jorg, I was unsure if it would be effective because it says the effect will last for a lifetime by just doing it once.  However, I must say I felt two changes in my body straight away. The first was the discomfort from my lower back disappeared (which I was experiencing for the last 6 months) and I was feeling much more positive after his sessions, not worrying about the future or past.

Moreover, now after about 20 days, my relationship with food has improved & I’m more conscious about my health without making much changes to my routine and this mean a lot to me. Now I’m so excited to see the changes that will unfold in coming future.

I would definitely recommend Jorg’s Spiritual Realignment treatment.

Sandeep Patel, Engineer, Australia

Thank you….for introducing me to Jorg. It was an amazing session with lasting results.

Cindy Payne, Writer, USA

During the session, 70% of the pain in right side of my neck is fixed and that has maintained. ….also when I do my usual protection visualisation of sitting inside a glass pyramid, I’m immediately conscious that the edges of the pyramid seem much sharper and well-defined than before. Thank you very much!

Ai Lin, Project Manager, Singapore

I sought Jorg’s treatment specifically for my issue of kyphosis. He helped me to have a preview of my body skeletal structure in a simple and clear fashion. As an avid runner, I had complained that my right leg was overused in my running. My shoulders were also pointed out to be not resting in balance before the healing began. These were also highlighted by my long-term work with a running / bio-mechanics coach. During the Spiritual Realignment, I experienced a noticeable heat sensation flowing through my body and I gradually relaxed.  At the end of the healing session, not only did both legs re-aligned to be proportionately balanced, I also felt a sense of rejuvenation in my body starting literally from the bones.

An additional thing to mention is that the Spiritual Realignment I went through with Jorg also impacted my choice of activities, food and sleeping routine. I was more opened to wholesome influence from the media content I accessed. I also reduced my appetite subsequently and was satisfied with healthy vegetable-based diet and fruits. The quality of my sleep and my sleeping hours also improved following my healing from Jorg.

Ezra, Singapore

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